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SPIRIT UNUS is a brand which prides itself on offering unique one-of-a-kind creations.  Inspired by contemporary art and culture, our brand's debut project features an  exquisite collection marking our presence. 

Fiona Sit, our brand creator, is a well-known celebrity in Hong Kong and Asia who has showcased her array of talents in many areas as a painter, an installation artist and a director.    The brand debut of SPIRIT UNUS is built around Fiona and the team's innovative vision for art as well as our desire for excellence in making high quality clothing.

SPIRIT UNUS have the meanings of breath and oneness in Latin.  Founded in the spirit of unity, we aspire to breathe life into your identity, exuding confidence and character.  We strive to bring you in tune with your mind, body and spirit, and be at peace with the world we live in.